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Apple Recovery, LLC | (844) 232-2775

Apple Recovery, LLC is one of the premier collection agencies in the United States, and are constantly looking for quality individuals who are interested in building a career in the fast paced and rewarding, field of collections. To get started on this exciting career path you need only contact Apple Recovery, LLC by applying online at http://www.AppleRecovery.com, or, if you would prefer to call, you can reach them at (844) 232-2775 or (602) 812-7400. Individuals with experience in the collection industry are always welcome to apply, however they will need to learn how to operate in the professional and compliant structure that the Apple Recovery, LLC demands of their employees.


Apple Recovery, LLC


Because the management team at the Apple Recovery, LLC, has found that experienced collections representatives require a good deal of training in order to perform their duties in a manner that meets acceptable standards, people that are completely new to the collection industry are also given the opportunity to start a new career in collections with one of the best collection companies in the country. If you are not certain if you will be able to qualify for a job in the detailed and demanding collection industry, you might want to place a call to them at (844) 232-2775 or (602) 812-7400. Anyone fortunate enough to begin working with this dynamic collection agency must understand that their responsibilities are much greater than just calling someone and asking them to pay a bill. The specialized training that is provided for all new customer service representatives prepares them for the most important part of their job, which is to work with debtors and help them find ways to repay the debt owed to their clients, and thereby improve their financial standing.

As a new customer service representative you will not only have to perform your work according to our strict guidelines, but be expected to maintain this high level of service and compliance. One of the ground-breaking ways that Apple Recovery, LLC is able to maintain such high standards of customer service is by having a separate department called the Apple Recovery Complaints Department. Any customer is able to access this department by phone, just by calling either (602) 812-7400 or (844) 232-2775.  All calls within Apple Recovery, LLC and its departments are recorded to insure courteous and compliant resolution to any issues, but for training purposes as well. Please don’t hesitate to contact Apple Recovery, LLC today.