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APPLE RECOVERY LLC | 844-232-2775 | 602-812-7400

Apple Recovery, located in Phoenix, Arizona is a proud member of the Landmark Collection Group. The entrepreneurial spirit of owners Nick Evancich and James MacGuire started LMC in August of 2002 with a fresh new look at collections.

New to the collections industry, they acquired a Collect America franchise in 2002 and consistently ranked as one of the top agencies within the network through 2009. In 2010, LMC partnered with Square Two Financial and immediately rose to a top three ranking among a much larger and expanding client base.

Recognizing in 2009 the evolving direction that the collection industry was headed, Landmark began implementing strict compliance standards that their competitors failed to embrace.  Landmark’s commitment to constant change and adjustment since that time has resulted in stronger revenues—less complaints and lawsuits—and satisfied clients.

Moving forward to 2016, adherence to current FDCPA regulations and the CFPB oversight has been welcomed by Apple Recovery in removing the stereotypical collections methods of the past.

Apple Recovery’s further commitment of putting the customer first with compassion and trust, as well as protection of our client’s brand, is resulting in a culture second to none within the industry.

Apple Recovery, LLC
7776 S Pointe Parkway West #280
Phoenix AZ 85044
(844) 232-2775
(602) 812-7400